Terms and Conditions


The guest is required to register personally, filling the registration form provided by the negotiation. When guests are from a previously booked group, their representative will fill out the registration form.

The company may deny accommodation to the guest who does not comply with this requirement and it can required, if necessary, the identification of the applicant and the persons accompanying him or her in the accommodation.


The guest, according to the availability of the company, will specify on the registration sheet the number of days that will be staying at the hotel.

It is considered as a unit of time in the contract of accommodation, the one-day, that expire at 12:00 hrs.

The first day of accommodation is understood to be completed within the indicated time, when the occupation of the room takes effect before six o'clock on the morning of that same day.

When the duration of the accommodation has not been fixed at the time of registration, it will be understood that the accommodation contracted is for a single day and the stays for a longer time will be considered as implicit and voluntary extensions of twenty-four hours each time, the hotelier can end the accommodation at any time, prior notice to the guest. In cases of accommodation agreed for a longer period of time, the previous rule will be applicable at the end of the contracted time.


Accommodation rates are displayed in public at the official sign posted at the Reception.

It is the obligation of the guest when required by the company, to pay promptly the amount of the account of the expenses caused in the negotiation.

The lack of payment by the guest when required, causes the termination of the hosting service and the hotelier may use the public force to demand and carry out the vacancy of the room, and may retain the luggage as collateral.

On the day of your departure, the guest must vacate the room no later than 12:00 hrs, to leave it free and that the hotel staff can do the cleaning and the corresponding arrangement in the room and can deliver it to the guest on hold. In the event that the guest is unable to arrive at the hotel at the time of departure, the guest accepts and agrees with the company that it can pick up their luggage and deposit them at the reception so that the room is free and can do the corresponding cleaning. On proceeding at this way, the Enterprise/Company is not responsable for any lost ítem of the customer.

The guest who leaves the room after the 12:00 hours, is obliged, if there is a possibility, to pay the price of the lodging corresponding to another day of stay.

If the guest wants to shorten their stay, they must notify Reception with a day in advance (24 hours, before 12 hours).  In the opposite case, you will be charged the use of the room of that day. There will not be any refund in high seasons.


I- It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN for guests:

a) Making annoying noises, provoking altercations, introducing musicians, bringing animals and in general any act that disturbs or annoys other guests.

b) Smoking inside the rooms. You can use the hotel's waiting area and courtyards.

c) Use the rooms for games of chance prohibited by law or hold meetings that disturb public order or disobey what is stipulated in the hotel's Internal Regulation.

d) Accommodation in rooms other than those registered, or where appropriate, give prior to the hotel administration on any variation in the number or identification of persons who originally registered. In no case will the number of people in each room be greater than the capacity allocated by the company to each room.

e) Use the electric current or accessories and mechanical equipment installed in the rooms for purposes other than those intended. The hotel security measures strictly prohibit the use of irons, curling irons, dryers and other electrical or other apparatus that could cause a short circuit or a fire.

f) Deteriorating the furniture, decoration or goods of the negotiation, giving them an improper destination to the one of its service; And

g) Perform any act that causes damages to the hotel, other guests or is contrary to decorum or good coexistence.

The company reserves the right to terminate the hosting service, when the prohibited prohibitions are violated, without the host causing them any right or reduction in their debts for the hosting or service received, being obliged in addition to the payment of compensation for damages.


I. Guests must leave the keys to their rooms at the Reception each time they leave the company.

II. It is the obligation of the guests to inform the hotel administration of illnesses or contagious diseases, deaths, infractions or crimes that occur in the establishment and are known to them so that the company can in turn take the necessary measures and give immediate account to the authority where appropriate.

IV. The services that are provided by third parties, of which the Hotel Las Golondrinas does not have responsibility neither the service itself nor in its price are the following:

a) Travel agencies

b) Taxis

c) Medical Services

d) Exhibitions or sales of handicrafts or another items.

To obtain information about these services, you should contact the receptionist at the front desk.


I. Safety boxes are at your disposal 24 hours a day in the Reception area at no additional cost. The loss of the key generates a cost that the guest accepts to pay when requesting the service.

II. The cafeteria is open every day only from 8 to 10 in the morning. The food and drinks offering, are in the public eye as well as the prices of each of them in the menus in different languages that are available to the guests.

III. We offer you free wifi service with optical fiber.  (2 free vouchers for room; the extra vouchers have an additional cost)A special cubicle with a computer with wifi, is located next to the waiting room from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

IV. The waiting room will open daily from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. In this room is also the service of TV, Internet, the library of novels.

V. The tour and taxi service can be contacted at the reception 24 hours at day.

VI. The medical service will be provided by a doctor with a registered professional title and the company will contact at the express request of the guest that requires it.

VII. The luggage storage service can request it in the Reception area. The cost will be specified when requesting the service according to the volume of luggage and the time of shelter.

VIII. When invoices have been already made and sent out, they will not be repeated again. If the client needs an invoice, he / she should request it one day before the departure. Invoices will be sent by email to the client’s.


The Hotel Las Golondrinas is committed to the fulfillment of the expressly agreed and to the fulfillment of the rules attached to the use and practice existing in this company and to what the applicable Laws and Regulations order.


The negotiation only serves as a depository of the securities, money, jewelry and other assets that the guests make a deposit in the safe.


* Check-out is at 12:00 hours, and check-in is after 3:00 p.m.,

* In case the room is available, we will offer it immediately.

* Breakfast is not included. The service is à la carte from 8 to 10 a.m. daily.

* For Food consumption we ask you pay it in cash.


To guarantee your reservatión or reservations the client must give us the credit card information at the time of making the reservation. You Will have 24 Hours to cancel without charge beginning the moment you make your reservation.

-High season cancellation policies: JANUARY, FEBRUARY, EASTER WEEK (April 12-28), JULY, AUGUST, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER, reservations made during this period of time do not have any refund, and they must be paid in full at the time you reserve.

-Low season cancellation policies: MARCH, APRIL (Except Easter week, April 12-28), MAY, JUNE AND SEPTEMBER, the client can cancel the reservation for free 30 days before the arrival date. After that time the total cost of your reservation will be deducted from your credit card without refund.

-Last minute reservations (one day before your arrival date) can be cancelled without cost. We do not ask for your credit card information as a guarantee.