• 24/7 hours of service of security patrol and bi-lingual receptionist (English and Spanish).
  • Free Wifi throughout property with good reception.
  • Free filtered water in reception and breakfast areas to refill bottles provided in room.
  • Spacious dining area for breakfast and getting together in a lush jungle garden setting surrounded by colorful plants and flowers. There is a large menu for the optional breakfast for every taste.
  • Las Golondrinas is a famous for its collection of antique pottery overflowing with a profusion of plants, and niches & patios for resting, reading, contemplation and quiet conversations.
  • Always hot shower within seconds.
  • Coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate dispenser in reception area 24/7
  • Salon near entrance with sitting area, library (feel free to leave your finished books there), and a TV featuring local channels.
  • Hotel Las Golondrinas is conveniently located in historic zone within easy walking distance of many of the city´s attractions, including the Zócalo (city square), churches and Cathedral, the world-famous Santo Domingo museum, Etnobotanical Garden, restaurants and shopping. Private parking available nearby.
  • Hotel Las Golondrinas was established in 1989 by the Velasco Hernández family with an ingenious remodel of 2 great houses into 27 unique rooms connected by passages. It employs many of same staff since its inception, creating an ambiance of a contented family team.
  • For a virtual tour, go to and look for “Hotel Las Golondrinas Oaxaca”.

Come for the city, return for the hotel, like the swallows (golondrinas) that always come back.

You're staying at a family hotel; all of us wish you a good time in Oaxaca. The services we'd like to offer you are written on the back of this page.

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