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Walking through the courtyards of the houses of Allende and Tinoco and Palacios-which had been a painters' neighbourhoods years ago but were now unoccupied and in an  unfortunate state- my husband and I agreed that we would turn them into a different type of little hotel. So, he started to plan with the ease that he enjoyed from being an engineer and, of course, a great artist, as many of our guests and friends who visit the hotel would tell us someday.

Jorge knew from the beginning that it was necessary to take advantage of the unevenness of the terrain, the location, and the shape of each house and of course, rescue and restore the three courtyards. Next, he assembled a good team of workers and got down to work.

The journey until our opening in December 1989  was beautiful because of the joy and motivation we always had. I, for my part, traveled to Mexico City to buy a washing machine, bedding, and everything needed to decorate and furnish a room. Obviously, I had my moments of doubt, but at last we were able to welcome our first English guests. It was a good day! I remember it was a young couple and they stayed for several days, enjoying the whole hotel as they were the only guests with all of us completely at their service.

Looking for the name, my husband made me notice that the word "golondrinas" was musical, because dividing it into syllables, it had rhythm, melody, and harmony. Listen: go-lon- dri-nas! We also liked the migratory habit of these beautiful birds.

I must confess that I never imagined that people I would meet at the hotel would be so nice, kind, and affectionate. It has been a very beautiful adventure. My mom, Mrs. Micaela Hernández García, former owner of this property, Mrs. Petra Ramos Valencia, the first person in charge of the neighborhood,  and Doña Conchita with her husband Don Alfredo, the second managers, would all be astonished to learn of so many  visitors  of so  many different nationalities. To them, I repeat my love and gratitude.

Sra. Guillermina Hernández Hernández.

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